The Confessions of an Orange Flavored Nut

Edible Toxins

Hello! About five years ago, I was a prolific author. I have an old novel from my first (and only) NaNoWriMo. I stopped writing to grow up and get some stuff to write about. Now, my muse is finally back (for how long, who knows). I scribble on scraps of receipt paper to get them out of my head.

Now about me. :) I am extremely fond of emoticons over emoji (not that they aren't adorable). I am a clown who face paints. I own a chalkboard Chevy S10 which I bring to events and parties. I have waterslides and bounce castles available for rent. I have decently large selections of vintage video games (disks and cartridges), game systems with cords and controllers, collectables toys, tumbled stones and crystal pendulums/pendants, plus much more. My partner even does a bit of photography for local concerts, events, or birthday pendants.

I've missed the internet. Through one thing or another (mostly the aftermath of my mother's death) I haven't really been active anywhere but Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (the latter two only due to my business's opening). Somehow, though, with these social networking sites, I've missed my internet. The sense of connection, the community, the kinship, and the social solace I found on the internet are somehow sorely missing from my social media interactions. Hopefully, I can rekindle that same solace and community involvement now. Hopefully.